Picking a Side without Picking a Fight

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CREATE better relationships and better solutions in times of conflict

Yes, it is possible to get ahead without doing so at the expense of others. It’s also possible to bring light to difficult topics without bringing unnecessary heat. In this program Ed Riggins calls on many years of experience successfully bringing parties together to bring 6 key conflict-related issues to life using real-world examples. Attendees will leave with new tools that will help them to


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  • Currency of some kind is being exchanged, and it’s not always money. 
  • Reliability is an issue; can the other party be trusted?
  • Energy is expended by the parties.
  • Alternatives exist. Otherwise, why bother to negotiate?
  • Time pressure plays a role.
  • Emotions influence all of the other factors.

Designed to be of value to anyone wanting to resolve or at least diminish the conflicts of their daily lives and improve negotiation skills. Will be particularly appealing to:

Corporate teams:

  • Sales
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Purchasing
  • Human Resources

Program length: 2-4 hours
Ideal Audience size: 20-100


Can provide industry-specific or function-specific takeaways through prior interviews with meeting organizers.