Additional Services


Periodically Ed is approached by a fellow licensed real estate practitioner - either residential or commercial - who has equity in a relationship with a key executive or business owner but not the capability to execute a potential assignment. In these situations through Cresa Ed can work with the licensee on a referral basis, direct him or her to another specialist, or team with them to execute the assignment. The singular criterion is: how is the client best served?


In situations where no fee-generating transaction exists but where an organization can benefit from Ed's expertise, knowledge of market conditions, or experience navigating similar situations, he is available on an hourly basis

Expert Witness

Attorneys who need "another set of eyes" with market-based experience bring Ed in as a part of their team to resolve client disputes. In these events Ed provides an estimate of what will be required and charge an hourly rate.

Private Coaching

Inquire about rates and availability.