This program has been specifically designed to be a value to individuals who live with at-risk compensation:

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Commission salespeople in finance, insurance, real estate, etc.
  • Salary/bonus management professionals
  • Those aspiring to high income professions
  • Anyone for whom income volatility is the norm

Money Management for the Financially Ambitions:

  • provides both a practical and emotional framework for navigating the ambiguity that goes hand in hand with the unique day-to-day reality of income variability.
  • provides specific strategies and tools to thrive and succeed
  • was created by someone who has made the trip from first generation college graduate into “the 1%” in terms of both income and wealth without a steady paycheck. This has been achieved while maintaining a fulfilling personal life (and a flawless credit rating.)

This program will prove to be invaluable for those willing to work hard, focus, and live a reality-based life.  Attendees will learn about:

  • the 7 most important types of financial accounts
    • Main deposit
    • Robot
    • Business expense
    • Backstop
    • R&M
    • Retirement
    • Future inevitabilities
  • how taxes work
    • Federal
    • State
    • Municipal
  • how to think about money
    • Realistically
    • Holistically
    • In context
  • the single most significant barrier to financial freedom

Program Length: 2-4 hours

Ideal audience size: 20-100

Professional Services

Most financial education programs are oriented to middle-class wage earners recovering from difficulties that resulted from bad decisions or bad luck or both. As it should be. Meanwhile, those who are - or aspire to be - at the top of the income pyramid ($250K+) have the smarts to be strong earners but may lack the wisdom to deal with the challenges unique to high income career tracks. This program is for them. 

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Money Management for the Financially Ambitious


Burn - Americans are immersed in a culture where 70% of the economy is based on consumption. Relentless messages are saying Buy! Buy! Buy! This program provides templates for designing an intentional, realistic, and sustainable lifestyle within the context of these relentless messages. 

Assistance - Paradoxically, acting based on the needs of others helps us to fulfill our own most basic need: meaning and significance. 

Savings - Studies show that most households have no plan for dealing with an "unexpected" $400 emergency. Learn the profound importance of delayed gratification and the power of liquidity. 

Improvement -  Education is necessary but no longer sufficient to compete in the global economy. Discover a practical perspective on this important topic. 

Citizenship - Federal taxes. State Taxes. Municipal taxes. Sales taxes. These outlays can and should be minimized, but cannot be avoided. Gain a fact-based understanding without sanctimony or spin of what you're getting for your money. 


Outside of medicine, law, and a few other professions requiring advanced degrees, many high-income earners face drastic month-to-month and even year-to-year income fluctuations. These highly-compensated individuals often derive the bulk of their income from commissions, at-risk bonuses, or earnings from their own businesses. Many have careers that require them to survive gig to gig.

Even high income earners often do not have a strategy for skillfully integrating money into their lives. What can and cannot be bought? What decisions about money have already been made on our behalf? How can financial resources be allocated in a way that induces contentment instead of chaos?  This program uses the memorable acronym B A S I C to provide a useful framework for understanding this tool that is so central to our lives - money