After becoming the first in his family to graduate college, Ed moved to Atlanta in the fall of 1984 and joined a very old and respected national real estate company. He was recruited away 4 years later and spent most of the next dozen years or so as a landlord representative, marketing office and industrial buildings and land on behalf of several institutional owners.  He started his corporate real estate advisory practice in the late 1990's, and was recruited  to Cresa in the early summer of 2000.

Ed's is married to the site location consultant Kate McEnroe. When not at home in their high rise condo overlooking the beautiful lakefront in downtown Chicago, Kate & Ed spend time in Atlanta where Ed's real estate advisory practice continues to be based. Travel, walking, reading, live music and theater performances, and meaningful conversations are favorite pastimes.


​A minimum of 5% of the net income from Ed’s practice is donated to these and other worthwhile causes.


  • The Social Animal, David Brooks
  • Drive, Daniel Pink
  • Lessons of History, Will & Aerial Durant
  • The Age of Turbulence, Alan Greenspan
  • The Ascent of Money, a Financial History of the World, Naill Ferguson
  • The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Stephen Covey
  • The Road Less Traveled, Scott Peck
  • Too Soon Old, Too Late Smart, Gordon Livingston
  • The Wise Heart, Jack Kornfield
  • The Number, Lee Eisenberg
  • Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert
  • The Rational Optimist, Matt Ridley



  • Mary Chapin Carpenter
  • Phil Vassar
  • Bob Seger
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Jim Brickman