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Yes, it is possible to get ahead without doing so at the expense of others. It’s also possible to bring light to difficult topics without bringing unnecessary heat. In this program Ed Riggins calls on many years of experience successfully bringing parties together to bring 6 key conflict-related issues to life using real-world examples. Attendees will leave with new tools that will help them to CREATE better relationships and better solutions in times of conflict.  More...

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Incorporating lessons learned over a long career spent dealing with senior executives, Ed Riggins offers on-site programs and speaks frequently to corporate groups and associations.

Self-defeating attitudes and unproductive interpersonal habits directly affect behavior and in turn hurt the bottom line. Using insights from brain science, politics, romantic comedies, and 70’s pop songs Ed will help participants to reduce conflict in their lives by discovering the false assumptions that often drive negative responses. This program sends participants home with a new perspective on conflict that will lead to better personal performance and work productivity. More...

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Most financial education programs are oriented to middle-class wage earners recovering from difficulties that resulted from bad decisions or bad luck or both. As it should be. Meanwhile, those who are - or aspire to be - at the top of the income pyramid ($250K+) have the smarts to be strong earners but may lack the wisdom to deal with the challenges unique to high income career tracks.This program is for them. More...